Hello everyone!

My name is Camille and I launch this web site to share with you my passions about everything that can be done with two hands, or about DIY if you prefer.

I started drawing when I was very young, then I moved on to painting when I was a teenager. At 20, I discovered sewing and despite a shy start, I have been addicted to it since I moved to London and I took a few sewing classes.

When people ask me “Who has painted this?” or “Where did you get your top?” and I tell them that I painted it or sewed it, their first reaction is always “Did you really make it?“. The second reaction is ofter “And how long did it take?“. Finally they generally give a piece of advice like “You should create your web site” or “You should sell your creations“.

So here I am!

Cami made will be a cocktail of everything I’m creating: a lot of sewing at the beginning, because it’s my drug at the moment, but also a lot of other stuffs that will go through my two hands!

I hope you will enjoy!



This post is also available in French.

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  • bravo Camille! dotée de tant de qualités!quelle artiste douée ,quelle jeune fille adorable!merci pour ton invitation,je serai là le 15 juin !

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