• New sewing pattern: the West End jacket

    I am very happy to introduce you to the West End Jacket sewing pattern which I made in collaboration with Peppermint magazine and…

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  • My July makes

    Hello! In this blog, I am sharing the things I made in July! July 22 was very hot in London…

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  • My June makes

    Hello! Today I would like to show you my June makes, and give you my humble opinion on a few…

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  • tips to sew delicate fabrics

    5 tips to sew delicate fabrics

    In this post, I will share with you 5 tips to sew delicate and fine fabrics. I made my own…

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  • tips to sew your own wedding dress

    5 tips to sew your own wedding dress

    Today I am sharing my tips to sew your own wedding dress. It’s a subject I know quite well because…

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  • How to modify the neckline of a t-shirt pattern – Nuage pattern hack

    I have recently launched the Nuage t-shirt pattern and I thought it would be nice to offer a hack for…

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  • How to sew knit fabrics

    Hi all! I am about to launch my first pattern for knit fabrics, the Nuage shirt, so I thought I…

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  • Reuse your fabrics scraps in 9 projects

    If like me you don’t throw away your fabric scraps in order to reduce waste (and also because you never…

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  • Tips to sew the Paulette pattern

    Paulette is one of the most advanced Camimade patterns so it deserves a few tips! Sewing level Paulette is an…

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