Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
23/01/2017 Cami

Hi, I’m Camille and I am passionate about sewing my own clothes and sharing tips on how I made them.

I’ve always wanted to create my own clothes. At 5, I was sewing dresses for my dolls and I was drawing princess dresses, dreaming I would become a stylist one day. After a long break, I finally got back to creation when I joined a sewing club at university. The aim was to sew your own ball gown and to wear it at the yearly ball catwalk. This experience changed me completely and revived my dream.

In addition, I’ve never been a big fan of shopping, mostly because I generally go shopping with precise ideas in mind and never find what I want. So naturally, when you have sewn a ball gown, what can stop you to do anything you want? Apart from the skills, which you can learn, nothing really… At that moment I got my first sewing machine, I started sewing everyday makes, and I quickly became a sewing addict. When I am writing this, I haven’t bought a piece of clothing for 5 months.

I believe everyone has a sprinkle of creativity in them (if not a hand full) that deserves to get out and shine rather than being frustrated by hours of pointless shopping. I hope my blog will give you some inspiration to reveal it.

Happy reading and sewing!