Anita Collection 2020

Let me introduce the Anita collection, women sewing patterns for the spring and summer 2020 ! I dedicate this collection to my grandmothers, to all grandmothers, and especially to my mother, Anita, who is going to become a grandma this year. So it explains the vintage touch in all the patterns and the old French names finishing in “-ette”. It also explains the designs which adapts to growing baby bumps like mine!

I have decided to take my time and launch the patterns one by one this time, instead of releasing them all at once, so I will unveil the collection step by step. Due to the confinement, the pictures are taken indoor and I am the one posing with the samples (contrary to a photoshoot planned with friends in Paris !), but I am pleased with the pictures which represent the spirit of the collection pretty nicely.

The Lucette blouse pattern

This is Lucette! With a slight vintage touch, Lucette is a classic blouse with a comfortable fit, yet perfectly “en vogue”. Its little balloon sleeves give it an ethereal and feminine appearance while its revere collar opens the top on a beautifully shaped and easy-to-wear neckline. I will just wear it on top of jeans or tucked in a high-waist skirt (when I can wear one again!). Lucette is timeless and adapts to all styles. It can accommodate a growing baby bump without altering the size too!

I made a Lucette blouse in a cotton dobby (bought online on Sew me Sunshine) and I made a second version in a washed linen (bought in Goldbrick Fabrics on Goldhawk road). I just love them both!

My measurements are 84-75(with baby bump)-91 and I am 1.58m tall / small. I made the size B with no alterations.

The Lucette dress pattern

The Lucette pattern also comes as a dress option. You can mark the waist with a thin belt (or not). I absolutely love shirt dresses and this one is my ideal one. Chic and comfortable, this is what I think starts to define what I do with Camimade patterns. Because I always want to look elegant and wear comfortable clothes at the same time!

This bright pink dress is made in a washed linen from Goldbrick fabrics on Goldhawk road, London. They basically have all the colours of linen in the world you might need…

My measurements are 84-75(with baby bump)-91 and I am 1.58m tall. Same as for the blouses, I made it in size B with no alterations.

Lucette pattern now available

The Lucette pattern is now available in the Camimade shop! Click on the image on the right to buy it.

I am also pleased to announce this pattern will be available in a French magazine, Passion Couture Créative in June 2020. It is very exciting!

The Colette dress pattern

Here is Colette: a long empire style dress to wear during the hot summer days. It is extra comfortable with a loose fit, wide sleeves and a long skirt and can even accommodate a growing baby bump. Colette is a timeless and elegant dress and I just see myself wearing it all summer with sandals and a huge sun hat.

I made the Colette dress in a linen blend fabric (bought from Fabric Godmother). It is the perfect fabric for summer, and this print just makes me happy!

My measurements are 84-78(it grew since the Lucette pics!)-91 and I am still 1.58m tall. I made the size B with no alterations.

The Colette blouse pattern

The Colette pattern also comes as a blouse. Simply cut the pattern pieces following the blouse cutting lines to get a hip length top. As a blouse, Colette is a very elegant yet versatile garment. Wear it with jeans and sneakers for a weekend look or with suit pants and heels for a chic outfit. Or go in the middle like me, with comfortable trousers and heels, for a relaxed and chic look!

I made this Colette blouse in a cotton poplin fabric (which I bought in a shop in Porto, Feira dos Tecidos). Also a perfect fabric for the Colette pattern, it has slightly more structure than the linen blend.  

My measurements are 84-78(growing baby bump)-91 and I am 1.58m tall. I made the size B with no size alterations.

Colette is now available

This elegant dress and summer blouse pattern is now available to purchase. Click on the image to buy it!

The Paulette dress pattern

Lastly, this is Paulette. This pattern also features an empire line like Colette, but it has a different style. Paulette is the most vintage piece of the Anita collection and presents exquisite details: a wide Peter Pan collar, a sexy front keyhole, cap sleeves, and a gathered skirt. This dress leaves plenty of room for pregnant women, but was designed for non-pregnancy wear.

I made the Paulette dress in a textured cotton blend fabric (bought at Rainbow Fabric Kilburn) and I used a cotton voile to line the bodice. 

My measurements are 84-85-91 and I am still 1.58m tall. I made the size B.

The Paulette blouse pattern

As per the Colette pattern, Paulette also comes as a blouse. Like its dress cousin, the Paulette blouse is very feminine and elegant. Wear it with skinny jeans or workwear trousers, Paulette will always make you feel chic and sexy. If it’s a little chilly, wear it with a cardigan: it will still highlight the collar and the front keyhole.

I made this Colette blouse in an Atelier Brunette viscose fabric (bought from Sew me Sunshine). This fabric is so light and yet easy to work with, a real pleasure to sew with. 

On the pictures, my measurements are 84-85-91 and I am 1.58m tall. I made the size B with no size alterations.

Paulette is now available!

The Paulette pattern is now available on the Camimade website!