Which countries do you sell your patterns to?

We sell our patterns worldwide, in English on this website and in French on camimade.com/fr.

What are the payment methods on Camimade website?

You can pay securely by Visa, Mastercard and American Express or via your Paypal account. If you are using Paypal to pay, you will be redirected to the Paypal website. After your payment has been made, you will be redirected back to Camimade site and view the payment confirmation.

What do I get when I buy a PDF pattern?

When you buy a PDF pattern, you get access to 4 PDF files.

  • The first file is the pattern in A4 sheets to print at home. This format is used globally for home printers.
  • The second file is the pattern in US letter format to print at home. This is the format used for US home printers.
  • The third file is the pattern in A0 sheet(s) to print in a copy shop.
  • Finally the last file is the detailed guide, with hand painted illustrations, to help you sew your garment. It is in A4 format, but can be printed on US letter without issue.

How do I get the pattern files when I buy a PDF pattern on the website?

Immediately after the payment is confirmed on our website, the PDF pattern files are available to download from up to 3 different locations:

  • 1. On the order confirmation page of Camimade Patterns website.
  • 2. On the order confirmation email. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly at the checkout stage.
  • 3. On your account, if you have created an account at the checkout page.

I didn’t get access to the files after buying my PDF pattern, what should I do?

First of all, please check your spam box, as the email may have been blocked there depending on your email provider. If it’s not there, contact us here or by email at hello@camimade.com.

Can I return a PDF pattern after buying?

PDF patterns cannot be returned and refunded.

If there is a fault with the product though, we will send you an updated digital pattern to the email address provided at the checkout.

When are Camimade patterns going to be released as paper patterns?

Camimade patterns are only in PDF format at the moment. We may develop them as paper patterns in the future.

What sizes do Camimade patterns cover?

At the moment all patterns include 8 sizes, similar to UK sizes 6 to 20, US sizes 2 to 16 or EU sizes 34 to 48.

However, the sizes are voluntarily called A, B, C, etc, to help you focus on your actual measurements instead of the size you think you should be in the ready-to-wear world. Given the great variations in sizes between the different brands, sometimes the sizes don’t mean anything.

For more details on sizing, we have a page dedicated to this subject on our website.

Do Camimade patterns include seam allowances?

Yes, seam allowances are included on all our patterns.

Can I sell garments made using Camimade patterns?

Camimade patterns are designed exclusively for personal domestic use so you cannot sell clothes made using my patterns without my consent. However if you would like to sell clothes using my patterns, a partnership is possible, please contact me at hello@camimade.com.

Can I teach a class using your patterns?

We would love you to do so, and you can, provided each student purchases their own individual version.

Our patterns are exclusively for the use of the purchaser and are not to be reproduced, resold or shared in any form without our express permission.