A painter’s apron

A painter’s apron
05/03/2017 Cami

Hi everyone!

It’s Sunday, and in between the showers of March, when the sun came out, I took some pictures of my “all-terrain” apron. I made this apron last year for my painting and above all to replace the old white coat which I had since high school for biology classes!

I started to look at the patterns online but they were all very traditional, in the shape of aprons you would find everywhere, but digging a little bit more on the web, I found pictures of Japanese inspired aprons on Pinterest, with crossed straps in the back and made of linen.

Because I didn’t find an equivalent pattern, I decided I would try to make an apron without pattern. I drew my ideal apron on my small note book and took my measurements. Then I translated all this into necessary amount of fabric.

For the fabric, I went to different stores in London, not far from Oxford Circus: MacCulloch & Wallis on Poland Street and Cloth House on Berwick Street among others. I found a gorgeous mottled grey linen at MacCulloch & Wallis. My wallet still remembers it, at £18 per meter, but it’s such a nice fabric!

I am a huge fan of the crossed straps and fabric. I added a kangaroo pocket at the front, which I divided in 3 sections with a simple seam, imagining I would put all my paint brush and other tools in it.

So here is the result. I don’t use it only for painting and I extended its usage to cooking!

(Nice slippers! #reallife)

I had some fabric left at the end, so I made simple rectangular place mats with it. Please admire: