Flower trousers

Flower trousers
05/03/2017 Cami

Hello everyone!

It’s not spring yet, but in order to make some room for it during winter, I introduce you to these flower trousers. After all there are flowers all year round now!

I didn’t have a lot of imagination for that make and I got 100% inspired by Sew Over it, an independent pattern company based in London. I bought the “ultimate trousers” pattern during the Black Friday sales, with the expectation to find some nice fabric later. I found the shape very stylish and simple at the same time, compared to other patterns that you can find on the market.

Then I fell in love with this denim fabric with the beautiful flowers in Fabric Land, a shop in South London, and despite the funny faces of my other half and his “really ?”, I bought it, thinking that it was really nice on the woman from Sew Over It (Lisa Comfort). In a way, he was right because I never had imagined I would make some trousers with such prints and even less wear them! I’m quite discreet with my clothing, and I’m not used to wear big colourful prints! Actually when I finished making the trousers and after trying them for the first time, I told myself, “ok, they’re nice but I’m probably not gonna wear them yet…”.

So, let’s talk about the pattern: there is not much to say, this is one of the simplest patterns in the world (even if I haven’t tried them all!). Nothing to say about the fitting, the instructions, everything is just perfect. This is actually the first time of my sewing life that I finish a full garment (even the hem) in one afternoon only!

The fabric was a fail though, not for the look, but for the stretch: it is not stretch at all, so it’s very difficult to sit and bend the knees (!), which didn’t bother me that much at the beginning because I didn’t plan to wear it so much. But since I’ve wore them, I find them so stylish that I would love to be able to sit more easily!

With some black low boots or loafers and a simple black jumper, the style is simple, and is not too “naive” or “girly”. It is even a bit flower rock’n’roll, snobby-rock (ok this doesn’t exist). Of course one of my colleague told me there’s a slight “carpet” style but I’m not sure what he meant by that.