A skirt with dots

A skirt with dots
06/04/2017 Cami

Hi guys,

Let’s continue to celebrate the beginning of spring with this little skirt created in just a few steps with no pattern!

I bought this fabric last December, in Coupons Saint Pierre in Paris, with the far perspective of springy days. This is a light polyester, pleated and with dots, two valuable reasons to take it…and also at 4euros per meter, so I couldn’t resist!

In order to sew the skirt, I cut:

  • a rectangle of 140cm x 47cm from the fabric (I measured 140cm by draping the fabric on the mannequin a little bit below the waist and by simulating the gathers thanks to the existing pleats)
  • a second rectangle of 78cm x 9cm for the waistband (78cm for the size I needed a bit below the waist + seam allowance + ease)
  • then another rectangle of 103m x 43cm from a simple black polyester lining (103cm for my hips + seam allowance + ease)

I sewed this skirt in 8 steps:

Step 1: gather the 1st rectangle on one of the longest sides following the pleats as much as possible. Once gathered, the length corresponded to my estimation, pfiou!

Step 2: create some pleats on one side of the lining length to equalise the length of the gathered fabric

Step 3: sew the fabric and lining together at the waist

Step 4: sew the waistband to the skirt, right side together

Step 5 (and not the least): stitch the invisible zip on the fabric + lining (I had a 20cm invisible zip)

Step 6: sew the back of the skirt and the back of the lining separately

Step 7: bring the waistband on the inside and stitch it in place, and finish the inner sides attaching them to the zip by hand

Step 8: hem the skirt and the lining

Et voilà !

I love sewing without pattern, it’s obviously longer, but I feel more free, and I have the impression that making mistake matters less. When you forget to follow an instruction from a pattern, you always think « my life is wasted » but without pattern, you just think, « well, this is the best I can do (for now !) ». Also, I think you get to understand things that you wouldn’t with a pattern, but again, it needs more patience…