Le 600 blouse

Le 600 blouse
08/02/2019 Cami

Hi ereryone!

It’s been a while since I wanted to make something out of the “Le 600” sewing pattern from DP Fashion Studio.

The choice of pattern

At some point last year, I realised that I was making a lot of skirts, trousers and in the end not so many tops. The reason is that I don’t find tops that I really like among available sewing patterns. After a lot of scrolling on internet, Le 600 blouse has caught my eye with a lot of details that I really liked. When I visited the Création et Savoirs Faire fair in Paris, I literally ran to the DP Fashion Studio stand to buy it! I only had an hour to see everything before taking my train back to London, so I had made a list of things that I wanted to see and patterns that I wanted to buy.

The choice of fabric

Similarly, I had a very nice fabric in my stash which I could see for this project. In fact I wanted to use it for 3 different projects so it was hard to choose, but in the end you have to make a decision! I bought it at John Lewis maybe 2 years ago. It is a very light chambray with Swiss dots, and I had it on sale at £12 per meter (it is a Robert Kaufman fabric).

Modifications on the pattern

On the pattern, I just made one change because I was falling between 2 sizes on the size chart. I simply drew a line to join the 2 sizes and that’s where I cut.



In the meantime, I acquired a rotary cutter and a cutting mat, and I am already wondering how I was doing before… cutting is so much easier, quicker and more precise! A bit more dangerous too… I cut myself the first time I used it!

Sewing instructions

I am used to read the instructions booklet before sewing. I often have a sewing pattern booklet on my bedside table! 😉 I always find it useful to know the steps in advance; it makes me more efficient when sewing.

Well, for the 600, I didn’t get much after the first reading…I probably read each steps ten times during the sewing wondering if I missed something…the booklet is not detailed at all, it’s for you to guess how to proceed most of the times. The illustrations are not clear and precise enough in my opinion. This pattern is supposed to be for intermediate level, but I would probably put it in the advanced category. However, when I think about it, I haven’t used advanced level patterns, and actually I’m not really paying attention to the level of complexity! I just found that this one was difficult.  

The most difficult thing for me was the folding of the sleeves, which have an unusual shape… I remember being in front of the sleeves for a while without knowing what to do. And in the end, I figured it out!

This is not a pipe, or…a sleeve.

Nevertheless, the lack of explanations made me progress a lot. I have the feeling that I have reached a whole new level of sewing, and it feels great. So thank you DP Fashion Studio!

Here are some pictures of the blouse:

In terms of style, I have nothing to say except that this blouse is awesome. I love the structures shoulders (thanks to the weird shape of the sleeves), the pleats that all converge to the collar, the volume above at the waist, and the opened back.

Comfort wise, I’m not there yet. The reason is because I am always using hooks and eyes to close the openings and go quicker and each time it’s a bad idea as they keep opening! So I’m definitely going to change that for buttons, soon.

Finally, a huge difference for this make: I recently equipped myself with an overlocker (Christmas has been there!) and the 600 is the first garment I have experimented it with. This is a genuine added value; it is as if I bought it. The blouse I mean!