Skirt with ties

Skirt with ties
28/03/2019 Cami

In the same spirit than my new glen plaid dungarees, let me introduce you to my new tartan skirt. Of course it is not as grungy as the dungarees, on the contrary it has a chic style which I like!

The fabric was a small piece which was left in my stash and this little skirt was the ideal project for it. I used the fabric previously to make a Sew Over It shift dress, here.

The skirt pattern comes from the French book “Ma garde-robe sur-mesure” (My personalised wardrobe) from the Atelier Charlotte Auzou. I received it as a gift for Christmas! This book is really well done: it allows to mix and match different options to create various garments (dresses, skirts, blouses and coats). It offers beautiful, modern and feminine shapes.

For the skirts, there are 3 skirt versions that can be mixed and matched with 3 different belts. I chose the skirt number 1 and I matched it with the belt number 3 which I thought was not too bad on the picture.

I’ve also spotted dresses that I could do for the summer, some of them are really lovely!

Personally, I don’t really like paper pattern where pieces overlap because I don’t like to waste time copying each piece on another piece of paper. I prefer to cut directly! But I know that there a different school of thoughts on the subject, and in any case, I do it when I really like the pattern! 😉 Also I am not used to pattern that don’t include the seam allowances, and I think this represent a risk of error which I don’t want to take responsibility for when I cut.

The skirt itself is quite easy to make but I encountered difficulties with the belt:

  • The belt ties had to be drawn yourself with given measurements and I didn’t understand if the seam allowances were included or not in these measurements. I added them, but I find my ties quite wide, so I don’t know if I did well. It was missing from the instructions.
  • I didn’t understand why the book says there are 2 different sizes of ties to cut twice each, if you look at the cutting layout…finally I only cut 1 size of tie which I cut twice.
  • The belt normally has a button but for me, it was not long enough to be attached by a button. I don’t know if I did something wrong…but it doesn’t matter to much!

Despite these few hurdles, I am very happy with the result and I really recommend the book. The skirt can be easily worn in different occasions! I let you be the judge.


This was my last make for winter. Now I’m all focused on projects for spring and summer! Stay tuned!